YouTube vs Facebook: Which is Better for Video Monetisation

As many Nigerians cotinues to venture into business of making videos for monetisation, arguments and questions arises on which platform pays better between Facebook and YouTube.

How to make money from Facebook and YouTube

For content creators in Nigeria, choosing between Facebook and YouTube comes with dilemma.

This is owing to requirements and conditions for video monetisation on YouTube and Facebook in Nigeria.

This article will review Facebook and YouTube video monetisation in Nigeria.

It is important to note that people earn differently on Facebook and YouTube based on their region, contents engagements as well as ads shown.

For new and potential content creators in Nigeria who are in dilemma and trying to ascertain which of Facebook and YouTube pays better or higher in Nigeria, this article will come in handy.

For both Facebook and YouTube, the major yardstick for determining how much a content creator can earn is the number of views and ads shown on a particular video.

So, to earn high either on Facebook or YouTube in Nigeria, you must keep the views high and content resourceful cum engaging.

As regards to better platform for video monetisation in Nigeria between YouTube and Facebook, we will discuss the advantages that comes with each platform and it is left for the content creator to decide.

So read this post thoroughly to understand between YouTube and Facebook which one pays higher in Nigeria.

Facebook Monetisation in Nigeria

In this segment of the post, we will discuss some potentials of Facebook which makes it a viable platform for making money through videos in Nigeria.

Facebook has over 3 billion monthly active users across the world.

This gives content creators a very good reason to exploit the platform.

Also, Facebook gives content creators other ways to earn on the platform apart from ads such as brand manager and stars.

This high active Facebook users makes it easy for contents to be easily seen and viewed on Facebook.

Also, through share buttons, contents can be far reaching in shortest possible time.

However, before you can earn money on Facebook using videos, you must have over 10,000 facebook followers, Five (5) active ruining vidoes and 600,000 minutes view time in 60days.

These are some of the major requirements for Facebook monetisation.

How Much Facebook Video Creators Earn in Nigeria

How much Facebook video creators earn in Nigeria is relative.

The number of views and number of ads are some of the major determining factors on how much people make through Facebook video in Nigeria.

However, for 1000 views on Facebook, a content creators in Nigeria can earning between $0.50 to $3 depending on number of ads shown during the period.

YouTube Monetisation in Nigeria

YouTube is not far behind Facebook in terms of number of users as the video search engine has over 2 billion monthly active users.

Also, YouTube is the biggest video search engine and second largest search engine in the world.

Hence, people deliberately go on YouTube in search of videos.

To monetise YouTube, content creators are required to have atleast 1000 subscribers and four thousand (4000) hours watch time and atleast 3 active videos.

Also, YouTube video can easily be embedded in blogs and other social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

Morestill, because YouTube is a search engine, most visitors are deliberate, Hence contents for YouTube will perform better when is search inclined such as “how to videos”, “unboxing video” etc.

How Much YouTubers Earn in Nigeria

It is impossible to give a static earning of a YouTuber in Nigeria owing to certain factors such as variances in veiws, number of ads etc.

However, according to survey, how much a YouTuber in Nigeria earn for 1000 views is between $3 to $5 depending on above stated factors.

So, the higher the viewership and engagements, the higher the earning.

YouTube & Facebook Which Pays Higher in Nigeria?

From the above analysis and literature, the disparity in earning on both YouTube and Facebook in Nigeria isn’t far apart.

However, the requirements for earning on both platform is very different and YouTube seems to offer more easily achievable earning requirements.

Hence, how much you can make from your video be it on Facebook or YouTube is largely decided by engagements which has to do with number of veiws and watch time as well as ads seen my your viewers.

Facebook & YouTube: Which is Better for Making Money from Videos in Nigeria

Facebook has favoured most Nigeria’s video creators.

This is because of the type of content prevalent in Nigeria which is ranges from comedy skits, talks shows and celebrity gists.

These type of contents are easily and better engaged using Facebook in Nigeria.

This is why you do find more Facebook video creators than YouTubers in Nigeria.

However, if you content is research inclined, you will be better off going for YouTube.

This is because YouTube through its algorithms constantly refreshes it’s data base to give consideration to every content on its data base.

So, choosing between YouTube and Facebook for video creations in Nigeria will have to be based on the nature and type of contents.

Also, it is important to note that Facebook uses instream ads , YouTube is notorious for pre content ads.

For Facebook videos, ads comes after about 60 or 80 seconds while for YouTube, ads comes before the contents.

So, how captivating your content is will largely determine those who stay glued and watch ads in anticipation to consume the entire content or finish up the contents as maybe the case with either YouTube or Facebook.

Our Verdict on Facebook vs YouTube: Which Pays Higher & Better in Nigeria

When it comes to video monetisation, content should be of high and best quality.

This is how you can maximize your contents be it on Facebook or YouTube.

Highly resourceful and engaging contents usually has higher ads views and engagement.

For Nigerian video creators, choosing between Facebook and YouTube should be based on your niche as we have expressed in the article earlier.

Both video platforms is viable and has enrormous potential bring about economic revenue and benefits through quality, engaging and resourceful clips.

So, both Facebook and YouTube has almost equally financial potential and earning.

What you go home with on Facebook or YouTube heavily depends on the content creator.

Finally,it is important that as your put together your contents either for Facebook or YouTube, you should think global.


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