S78 Zealot Bluetooth Speaker Price in Nigeria

Zealot, renowned tech giant has just announced the release of s78 speaker which is the most recent bluetooth speaker of the tech company.

The speaker has some cool specifications and features which makes it a high end zealot speaker.

This article will review the price of zealot s78 speaker in Nigeria. A lot of zealot speaker users have been seeking to find how much the new s78 speaker would cost in Nigeria and the price of original s78 Zealot speaker in Nigeria. This is the major focus of this post.

Zealot bluetooth speakers are very popular in Nigeria starting from their production of S1 speaker. Nigerians has embraced the product as result of its quality and performance.

The s78 Zealot speaker which was launched early this year is game changer in the bluetooth speakers market in Nigeria as the high-end speaker with cool features is being sold as very good price in Nigeria.

What then is the price of Zealot s78 speaker in Nigeria? Find out by reading this article to the end.

Price of Zealot s78 Speaker in Nigeria

The price of s78 Zealot speaker in Nigeria is relative as many factors determines the final cost of zealot s78 speaker in Nigeria.

This is why we will provide you with the average price range of s78 Zealot speaker in Nigeria. As at the time of publishing this article, availability of Zealot s78 speaker in Nigeria is very limited.

Most users who have made purchase of the high quality bluetooth speaker in Nigeria did so through online using international e-commerce website such as Alibaba, Amazon etc.

Also, few of this speaker can be found in Lagos, Nigeria especially in top tech stores. Lets talk about the price of this anticipated zealot speaker in Nigeria.

Zealot s78 Speaker Price in Nigeria

The current average price range of s78 Zealot speaker in Nigeria is N115,000 – N120,000.

This cost of s78 Zealot speaker in Nigeria is likely to push up or drop depending on its availability and accessibility within Nigeria tech market.

On the present, the bluetooth speaker can easily be bought and ordered online from top e-commerce websites.

The s78 speaker comes with a massive 24,000mah battery capacity which provides users with long play time.

It also has visible subwoofers and 4 speakers sound quality beyond imagination. It also comes with lifting belts and a handle which makes it easy to be carried about.

Two pcs of s78 Zealot speaker can be paired or connected together to produce a single play which is very fascinating.

This is one of the best and top bluetooths speakers from Zealot. The price of this zealot bluetooth speaker in Nigeria is worth it considering what other brands such as JBL, Bose of same quality and capacity is sold for in Nigeria.

Price of s67 Zealot Speaker in Nigeria

Zealot S67 speaker price will be discussed in this segment of the post.

This is another high-end zealot bluetooth speaker in Nigeria which is on high sale. The cost price for s67 Zealot speaker in Nigeria is between N45,000 to N50,000.

This is the average price of Zealot S67 speaker in Nigeria. It comes with shocking bass produced by massive four speakers.

It has belt which provides comfort for the speaker to be moved or carried about easily by users. The battery capacity for s67 Zealot speaker is massive which ensures long play time when in use.


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