Zenith Bank Entry Level Salary (2024)

Zenith Bank Salary Structure 

Zenith Bank is one of the most formidable banks in Nigeria and beyond. The bank operates in Africa, UK and North America.

entry level salary of zenith bank

In Nigeria, Zenith Bank has branches across major cities and super highways.

This is a review of Zenith Bank staff salaries in Nigeria.

This post will in specifics discuss Zenith bank starting salary in Nigeria.

The bank was founded in 1990 and has since then expanded to be in top five biggest brand in Nigeria banking industry.

Zenith Bank has become an attractive brand for young graduates who are willing to build a career in banking industry.

The reasons for this are because of certain factors like solid infrastructure and conducive working environment, remunerations and job security.

The bank is one of very few banks that have survived all tsunami that have engulfed banking industry in Nigeria.

Being a very strong and viable bank, the job of its staff is not at high risk unlike low performing banks in Nigeria.

Most people join Zenith Bank as entry level staff. And one of major source of staff motivations in every corporate set up is remunerations.

Pay packages of staff can keep them performing very highly and dedicated or vice-versa.

Since most employees join Zenith Bank as entry level staff, there is always a curiosity of how much Zenith bank pays its entry level staff, also constantly asked is how much does Zenith bank pay contract staff.

This question, when answered, helps these young graduates and potential bank staff make a more informed career decision.

In this post, we will answer the question of how much Zenith bank pays its permanent staff or what Zenith bank salary for contract staff looks like.

So, to find how much Zenith bank pay new staff in Nigeria with degree, keep reading this article.

How Much Zenith Bank Pay Their Staff 

Below is the details about the Zenith bank salary of entry level salary as well as salary of contract staff at Zenith bank.

Zenith Bank Salary For Permanent Staff 

It is important to note that at Zenith Bank, one can join entry level at two different categories and capacities.

Some of the bank’s staff join entry level through the bank’s graduate trainee programme while, others join entry level as a contract staff.

The pay for the two categories of staff at entry level are not same. Salary of zenith bank staff who are full time staff of the bank is higher than salary of contract staff at Zenith bank.

Zenith Bank Salary For Contract Staff 

Employees who join Zenith Bank as entry level contract staff are offered a renewable two (2) years contract subject to performance.

These category of staff works mostly as teller officers or customers service representatives. Salary of Zenith Bank contract staff is between N75,000 to N80,000.

Zenith Bank Salary For Graduate Trainee

Employees who join Zenith Bank entry level through graduate trainee programs, usually pass through the bank’s rigorous banking trainings which could take up to 6 months.

Upon completion of the banking trainings they are deployed to different Zenith bank branches. Salary of Zenith bank graduate trainee is between N108,000 to N111,000 per month.

Zenith Bank Salary For Cleaners & Security Staff 

This is what salary of cleaners at Zenith bank looks like.

Also, Salary of security personnels in Zenith bank is provided below.

Zenith bank salary for cleaners is around N40,000 monthly.

The earnings of security staff at Zenith bank is around monthly salary of around N45,000.



At Zenith Bank, after some period of probation and performance from a contract staff, he or she might be fully employed and acquired by the bank based on performance.

In other words, at Zenith Bank, no staff becomes a contract staff for life. So, contract staff at the bank is advised to work diligently and hard to be on the bank’s good book because it can change the status of the staff.


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